Custom Built Homes – Must-Haves

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Experts reveal the Must-Haves homebuyers are demanding in their new homes.

Below are the top 6 trends that you can expect to see in new custom built homes:

Outdoor living – Outdoor kitchens and patios designed with all of the comforts of the indoors, outside. In fact, there is little separation between the kitchen and the swimming pool, just a few feet away.

Pets! – When working with your luxury home builder, pets have become a very important part of the design process. Look for homes to have a dog bathing facility in the laundry room or a built-in compartment in the bottom of a cabinet for a dog’s food bowl.

Marble – Light colored marble is a very hot item in kitchens across the nation. Also a ‘mega-island’ which is extra-long and wide provides space for cooking and socializing.

Multi-generational Living – Homes are now being built with wider doorways to allow easy wheelchair access. Also, cottages for grandparents are very popular.

Home Elevators – The aging baby-boomer populations has come to realize that climbing the stairs may not be as easy in 20 or 30 years. Residential Elevators are becoming a popular option. Planning ahead, builders are able to line up closets with the proper dimensions so they can be converted to an elevator shaft as homeowners grow older.

Ceiling Details – It’s not just about the flooring anymore. Fancy ceilings with barrel vault architecture, coffers and beams are bringing design to ceilings. Color is another contributing factor to an aesthetically pleasing ceiling.