Electrical Outlet Placement

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

If you ever browse through home design pictures you may have noticed that electrical wires and outlets are rarely seen. There's a good reason for this – wires just aren’t attractive! The electrical usages of a room need to be considered well in advance. We recommend determining your needs at the planning and design stage. Strategically placed electrical outlets will enhance any room's functionality and aesthetics. If you think through the basic electrical uses, and mentally go through the everyday activities each room will need to accommodate, that will help you determine your placement planning decisions. Before the electrical rough (installation of the electrical wiring, boxes, fixture mounts, breaker panel, and sub panels) takes place, you will want to walk through the home with your builder and electrician to make sure you like where all of the outlets will be placed. It is much easier and a lot cheaper to make changes at that time. Your care and attention to the details will repay you in the form of comfort, beauty, expense and ease in your home for years to come!