EPA Lead Based Paint Program

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Hello from Olson Defendorf Custom Homes in Austin, TX.

Our newest topic is about the new EPA Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program. The Act becomes effective on April 22, 2010, and will dramatically change the way lead based paint is removed.

Lead was routinely added to paint starting in the 19th century because of better color and better durability, especially on the exterior of homes,. 86% of homes built before 1940 have lead based paint, and 35% of all homes nationwide still have lead based paint.

Lead can be dangerous to your health if ingested by eating paint chips or breathing lead dust. Children under 6 and pregnant women are the most susceptible. Children are frequently playing hand-to-mouth, and therefore may swallow paint chips or inhale lead dust. Children’s health effects range from nervous center damage, kidney damage, learning disabilities with speech and behavior problems. Pregnant women can easily pass lead to the fetus from inhaling lead dust leading to miscarriages, low birth weight, etc.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission banned the sale of lead based paint for residential use in 1978.

Starting April 22, 2010, if you want to remodel, renovate, paint etc., and you have lead based paint on your home you will have to hire a EPA Certified Renovator to remove the paint before you begin. The additional steps will include containing remodeled areas during demolition, covering floors, furniture, etc., proper disposal of lead based painted surfaces, and finally cleaning all surfaces afterwards.

Our firm and our subcontractors have taken the classes and are EPA Certified Renovators.

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