Smart home building tips for the Family Room

Monday, April 25th, 2016


Smart home building tips for the Family Room

You can save money and build your new home the way you want it by doing some of the final details later.  Here are the top 5 questions that will help you decide what's a must have and what can wait.

1. What kind of flooring best fits your lifestyle?

Will babies be crawling? Will children be working on crafts, or playing with toys that require a floor you can easily clean? Are there dogs, cats, or other small pets who will be roaming the house? There are a lot more choices than you may realize in flooring. YOU CAN UPGRADE LATER

2. Is a fireplace a focal point?

Do you intend to spend winter evenings relaxing in front of a fire? Consider your fireplace options. UPGRADE NOW BUT YOU CAN MAKE IT EVEN BETTER LATER

3. Are movies, television or music a big part of your life?

Take a look at what you can do with built-in storage or an entertainment spaces. UPGRADE NOW OR MAKE SURE IT'S FRAMED FOR LATER

4. Do you yearn for wide open spaces?

Ceilings heights can range widely. Would you like a spacious feeling, with a huge cathedral ceiling, or something cozier that allows for another room on the second floor? UPGRADE NOW

5. Are artistic details a must-have?

Is the visual appeal of artistic touches something you'd really love to look at in the kind of room where people will often gather? UPGRADE NOW AND PLAN FOR LATER